The Company

Insiteca Ingenieros is a multidisciplinary company that offers tailored services for engineering and consulting for service and industrial clients.

Founded in the year 2000 we aim to integrate the latest technologies and development tools to achieve excellent competitiveness. This makes us a reference in our sector in the Canaries.

“As a company you will only achieve excellence if you are passionate about what you do. Project development, from editing to implementing, the definition of technical solutions has to be done by a completely dedicated and harmoniously collaborating team.”


Insiteca is specialized in the construction of fuel systems and petroleum plants such as petrol stations and thermal installations. All phases of the project are integrated: from project analysis to administration of permits at the public administrations, construction site management, elaboration of health and safety plans…

Market developments and customer demand have helped the company grow constantly with reference to services offered and personnel employed. This has allowed us to develop new services that cover this new demand. This is especially true for energy audits and health and safety programs.

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team of employees and trustworthy partners that allow us to tackle the tasks we are presented with in a global and timely manner. We elaborate optimal solutions from the technical, economical, qualitative and execution time points of view.

Constant training and updating of research, development and innovation allow the Insiteca team to handle projects with the most modern tools available in the most efficient possible way.

“Our company is built on a horizontal and cooperative structure where the constant endeavour for improvement pervades everything we do”


The team of engineers is led by the two founders: Aniceto González Delgado, managing director and Evaristo González Luís, administrator. They are completely immersed in day-to-day business. They are experienced engineers in all the technical fields covered by the company.

The team of workers is the key to Insiteca’s success. They are not only excellent professionals, but also dedicated and responsible persons. This is why they love what they do and why they all row in the same direction. The customers notice this and know they are safe and in good hands.

We are ISO 9001 certified


Insiteca Ingenieros S.L. collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross and the magazine “Integración”. We also support students, young scientists and young graduates from the ULL (university of La Laguna) in their relations to companies, society and work in our region.