Safety and Emergencies

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Rules And More Rules

The RD 67/2015 safety plans act is especially relevant because it obliges us to fulfil the standards contain therein at all times and assigns responsibility to the entrepreneur and the designated representative.

At Insiteca we have adapted our plans to achieve the objectives that the law pursues and offer you the following: everything from the safety plan to reports on fulfilment of regulations.

We take care of your safety plans so that you can take care of your business.

Safety Plans

  • Draft the plan according to relevant legal standards
    • Knowledge of the realities of the industry and proposals to meet legal standards, especially with respect to fire protection
    • Design procedures for dealing with emergencies
    • Raise awareness about the importance of prevention
    • Improve reaction speeds in case of emergency
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Emergency drills
  • • Updating and follow-ups

This document if updated throughout the activity’s life time. Our objective is for it to be useful, practical and worth the investment.


This report aims to analyse deficiencies regarding safety measures for fire protection and evacuation of the premises.

Possible solutions are proposed in order to fulfil the corresponding legal standards and a time frame is given within which these changes have to be made.

The report covers the following aspects:

  • Fire resistance of building materials
  • Compartmentalisation and sectioning of fires
  • Extinguishing materials
  • Occupation and means of evacuation
  • Signalling and emergency lighting
  • Special risk areas
  • Accessibility for extinguishing services

This is not a process to satisfy proceedings…

At Insiteca we take careful notice of each and every task we are entrusted with, however small it may be. We analyse the industry professionally, respectfully and with honesty so as to reveal all possible scenarios that may occur and to offer our clients optimal solutions.